this is me

Hello, Internet. This is Angel speaking.

Welcome to my blog. Here it is that I will tell you about all the things and stuff that there are. Well, not all of the things. Because that would take too much time. Mostly I will just tell you about the things I like and the stuff that I think is cool. And maybe if I like it, you’ll like it too.

Some of the stuff are things that I find. Lots of the things are stuff that I make.

Because there are so many things, I will divide them up into sets of stuff. We can call these “food things”, “craft things”, and “home things”.

I like food things. They make your belly full, and your mouth happy. Two for the price of one, what a deal. Craft things are things you can make. Or at least, they are things that I can make. If those things are hard, I’ll take pictures and share those pictures with you, then they will be easy. There are also house things. House things are things for your home. They are like craft things, but they have a special feature: functionality. This may include furniture stuff, kitchen things, refurbishing skills, and talk about painting, staining, sanding, drilling, stapling, gluing, and sweating.

So, pretty simple, right? It’s a blog about things. Not all things, but lots of good stuff. And after you make a new craft, you can eat a delicious snack, on your brand new stool. And that’ll make you happy too.

20150403_143032 (1) copy


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